Creating neuroinclusive workspaces

Unique membership packages to provide teams with the tools to become fully inclusive and enable all team members to thrive

What We Provide

Our goal is to provide personalised support & innovative solutions to empower neurodivergent and disabled workers
  • Impartial, objective & expert help

    Our helpline provides expert and confidential advice on diagnostic, funding and support options for individuals directly, or for managers calling on behalf of team members
  • Access to Work advice and support

    Access to Work is a government grant to help pay for practical support needed by neurodivergent and disabled workers
  • Online courses & resources

    Courses to improve awareness, or to develop specific skills and strategies, with options for managers, teams and neurodivergent employees
  • Support and strategy assessments

    An assessment to identify the specific difficulties experienced by neurodivergent and disabled workers, and then review the bespoke strategies available to support them.
  • Team awareness training

    A three-hour session to increase awareness of neurodivergence and disability, and to help teams follow neuroinclusive practices
  • Discounts on Ultima services

    We provide a range of coaching and training services to support neurodivergent and disabled workers, available at a discounted rate for business members
Our packages
Annual subscription for all businesses
Annual subscription for smaller teams
(teams of up to 15)
Annual subscription for larger teams
(over 15)
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Team access to our expert helpline
Annual awareness team training session
10% discount on all Ultima services
Team access to our expert helpline
Annual awareness team training session
10% discount on all Ultima services
Access to Work funding application help
Support & strategy assessments
Coming soon:
Team access to Ultima Academy
Bespoke pricing depending on the size of your team

Coming soon:
Team access to Ultima Academy
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Our Services

For more bespoke packages, or one-off support, we also offer the following services
  • Specialist Coaching

    Provided by specialist practitioners, our 1-1 coaching aims to provide tailored support to help devise and implement strategies to support the specific barriers to work being experienced.
  • Technology Training

    With technology a key element of many people's toolkit of strategies, having specialist support to ensure that software and equipment are being fully utilised can make a huge difference.
  • Screenings

    We offer free 30-min screening calls to help ensure that a full diagnostic assessment is needed, and to explain the process and possible outcomes for anyone undertaking the full assessment
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