About Us

At Ultima Works, we believe that true inclusion means empowering every individual to reach their full potential. Our mission is to partner with employers, educators, and individuals to create neuroinclusive spaces where diverse minds can thrive. We envision a world where differences are celebrated, accessibility is the norm, and everyone has an equal opportunity to pursue their dreams.

Through our innovative solutions and commitment to provide high quality and accessible information, advice and support, we aim to break down barriers and foster environments where all individuals can achieve their goals, contribute their unique talents, and live with dignity and purpose.

Meet the team

  • Dr Amy Renton
    Founder & Inlcusion Lead
  • Laura Penfold
    Founder & Operations Lead
  • Tim Jones
    Founder & Innovation Lead
  • Julia Protheroe
    Account Champion
  • Kristie Gurley
    Inclusion Expert
  • Amy Ward
    Inclusion Expert & Podcast Host
  • Daniel Mouskis
    Inclusion Expert & Podcast Host
  • Sophie Royle
    Inclusion Expert
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