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Our team are available to help you through the process of getting a specific learning difficulty diagnosed

Our simple 3-step process provides comprehensive help with having an assessment for dyslexia or other specific learning difficulty

Free initial 30-minute call to discuss your needs
Diagnostic assessment with a specialist assessor
Follow-up call to discuss next steps
Free initial discussion
Firstly, we want you to be sure that having a diagnostic assessment is the best option for you, and so recommend having an initial 30-minute chat with one of our team.

During the call, we can talk through the areas of difficulty that you have been experiencing in order to advise whether they may indicate that you have a specific learning difficulty. Then we can discuss what you want to get from having the assessment, and whether other, better, options may be available for you to think about.

Our aim is simply to provide clear and impartial advice so you can feel fully informed. There is absolutely no obligation following this call to arrange an assessment with us, or to use any of our other services.
The diagnostic assessment
Following the initial call, if your decision is to proceed with a diagnostic assessment, we can arrange this with our team of suitably qualified specialist teachers.

We charge £599 for this assessment, and ask for 50% deposit to be paid when it is booked in. This charge includes the initial call outlined above, and the follow-up call outlined below. Our diagnostic assessments are carried out remotely, via video call.

Diagnostic assessments take up to four hours and involves a series of tasks that allow the assessor to build a picture of a person's strengths and weaknesses with regard to their cognitive abilities. The tasks measure areas including reading fluency, comprehension, memory and spelling.

Once these tasks have been completed, the assessor then looks for evidence of a profile of specific learning difficulties within the scores. The assessor then writes a report summarising the results of the assessments and any diagnosis that they reveal.Our managers are always ready to answer your questions. You can call us during the weekends and at night. You can also visit our office for a personal consultation.
Next-steps call
Once the report has been completed, we will arrange a time to go through the findings with you to make sure that they make sense and to discuss the next steps that you want to take.

For some, having a diagnosis confirmed may be all that was wanted, but for others, it may start a process of accessing additional help and support that we can offer some advice and guidance with

Start with a free, no-obligation call with our team

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