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More than half of UK tech workers identify as being neurodivergent

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A survey of 500 UK tech workers carried out by Tech Talent Charter, found that while 53% of respondents identify as being neurodivergent (whether formally diagnosed or not), based on neurodiversity data shared by tech organisations, just 3% of tech employees officially disclose their neurodivergence to their employers.

Both these figures ask significant questions. Given that the rough estimation that around 20% of the population is neurodivergent, the tech industry would seem to attract a very high proportion of neurodivergent workers. This fits in with some stereotypical views around neurodivergence, so is this a case of the stereotype becoming a self fulfilling prophecy, or are tech jobs more suited to the skill sets that can be associated with being neurodivergent?

Secondly, why is there such a huge disparity between the number of workers identifying as neurodivergent, and those that disclose this to their employer. The immediate concern is that fear of being treated differently remains a factor in whether workers disclose, but perhaps it may also be the case that the tech industry presents fewer barriers to neurodivergent workers, thus meaning that there is less need to disclose. In other words, is the tech industry less disabling?

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