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Podcast: Julian Bashford and the Media Magic of Boo Snoo

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In this episode we dive into the world of neurodiversity through the lens of Julian Bashford, a former satellite communications expert turned children's television producer. Julian shares his journey from the arena of international telecoms to founding his own media production company, Visionality, and creating the tranquil and inclusive children's show, Boo Snoo.

The conversation in this episode reveals how personal experiences with autism inspired Julian to innovate children's programming that caters to sensory and attentional needs without overtly being about them. Discover how Boo Snoo's hypnotic simplicity and structured nature are a hit with neurodivergent children and the importance of having neurodiverse voices shaping content that speaks to their experiences.

Listen to the podcast here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/2309798/14813930

Find out more about Julian here: https://www.visionality.co.uk/information

Podcast hosted by Amy Ward
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